After the Dog

So it’s been two weeks since The Dog’s departure — don’t worry, this is not another 3,000-word canine bio — and he still flickers in and out of daily life.

For example: I’m realizing that I always thought about Scout when I left the house. How long would I be gone and how would he handle it? And I always thought about him when I came home. How soon could I get him out in the yard or out on a walk? It’s a subtle thing, but he’s still woven into that thinking, many times a day.

Walking nearby streets, I realize Scout’s absence has changed my relationship to the neighborhood; because his relationship to the place had become my relationship to the place — to our neighbors, to all the friends he had and still has here.

End of dog talk for tonight.

2 Replies to “After the Dog”

  1. Now when I walk by Fellini Coffee I remember Scout pulling hard to go by their window for a biscuit… just a little warm memory of walks with Scout ….

  2. Oh, yeah — that was one of his spots. We have more than one picture of him looking hopefully at the walk-up window after the place was closed for the day.

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