Friday Night Ferry


A first for me on the San Francisco-Oakland ferry: We passed between an outbound container ship (the MSC craft at left) and one still being loaded/unloaded (the Hapag-Lloyd ship on the right). For a minute, it was like sailing through a canyon.


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  1. Rob

    Neat. How far is that ferry ride?

  2. Dan

    Rob, that’s the only drawback (from my point of view): It’s about six miles in a straight line–maybe seven and a half with the course the boat has to take. It takes only half an hour from point to point, and that’s with a stop on the East Bay side before you get to Oakland.

  3. Yeah, this ferry pic looks like the sailing through a canyon. Where does your ferry journey ends ?

  4. Dan

    Promem, the ferry ends at Jack London Square in Oakland — a short ride, maybe 25 minutes, from the San Francisco Ferry Building.

  5. You shared nice picture Dan. Let me know more about your first ferry travel experiences there you had.

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