Never Fear


On Eighth Street, between Bryant and Brannon. This is the base of the massive supports that carry U.S. 101 at its junction with the beginning/end of Interstate 80. I like the serial messages.


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  1. jb

    Usually when people say to “fear God” I reckon what they really mean is “fear me”…..History is replete with examples of people using religious zeal to commit crimes.

  2. Dan

    One of the things that’s interesting in the John Brown story is the “fear of God” issue. Brown was a Puritan and had a pretty absolute belief in predestination; during his lifetime, he expressed fear that his children didn’t have the same god-fearing faith he practiced (also interesting: one of the heroes of both the fundamentalists like Brown and the more progressive people, religious and otherwise, who supported Brown, was Oliver Cromwell. Pretty hard to imagine coming from an Irish background, but Cromwell was lionized as a warrior for religious liberty–and whose faith was an absolutist, god-fearing one.)

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