Lipstick & Dipsticks



Exclusive coverage of media coverage of Hurricane Ike’s rampage in Texas. While so-called serious journalists continue to document our looming presidential disaster, here’s a little video editor humor for you: At midday today, CNN showed a montage of storm damage in the Galveston area. They flashed some shots of downed power lines in the parking lot of a business called Lipstick; upon further perusal, the sign on the building reads Lipstick Gentlemen’s Club. There is a “topless entertainment” establishment on Texas Highway 146, listed variously as in Kemah or Bacliff, just outside Galveston (Google street view here).

OK — no worries. Even lap-dance palaces can be terrorized by rampaging storms like Ike.

But the very next shot in the montage showed a big sign saying Dipsticks. I can’t place it exactly, but it looks like it could belong to an automotive shop about 100 miles north of where the first shot was taken. Just a hunch, but I’d guess some CNN editor got hold of the tape, saw the Lipstick and Dipsticks, and couldn’t resist splicing them together. It’s one of my storm coverage highlights.

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6 Replies to “Lipstick & Dipsticks”

  1. That is no accident…that is the hand of GOD! His wrath is somewhere in there. Probably didn’t get comped a free drink at Lipstick’s and got gouged on an oil change at the other place. Food for thought.

  2. God also got crappy service from his broker at Lehman Brothers, apparently. And felt like he got fleeced by Fannie Mae (why didn’t she stick to candy, by the way?) and Freddie Mac. As they used to say in the Old Testament, don’t screw with YHWH.

  3. I live right near there and the automotive place sprung up next to Lipstick Gentlemen’s Club as a joke/pun. They’re almost next to each other.

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