Work in Progress


Tonight’s portrait of excess holiday electrical use. Actually, walking around the neighborhood with the dog this evening, this is small potatoes. Houses with light displays are still few and far between, but those few are really decked out.

Naturally, one of the strings of lights I put up was working when I tested it but is now half out. Tomorrow. Maybe I’ll fix that tomorrow.

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2 Replies to “Work in Progress”

  1. I dislike seasonal decorating. Why go to all that effort just to tear it down in three weeks? I’ve never liked it. Even as a kid my mother had to force me to help decorate the tree. Eventually she stopped asking because I was always such a grump.

  2. Hey, Xmas wouldn’t be Xmas in our hood without the neighbors taking bets on whether this is the year I’ll fall off the roof. Deck the halls, and call 911.

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