Ready for ’07

You can say this about 2006: It didn’t go quietly. Here’s a prayer for something like peace, or at least sanity and common sense, in the new year. And for everyone who’s shown up to read these scribblings the last 12 months: Thanks for reading (and responding), and here’s hoping you have a great 2007.


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6 Responses to Ready for ’07

  1. jb

    Happy New Year, Dan. See you in California in ’07.

  2. Rob

    Happy New Year, Dan.

  3. Happy New Year, Dan. Blessings on your 2007

  4. Dan, thanks for writing. Happy New Year.

  5. Happy New Year to Dan, clan, and to the whole Infospigot pool.

  6. Det Gamling

    Thanks Dan for keeping your readers informed and also entertained during 2006. Have a great 2007 with more of your superb insights. Say hi to Scout from your Chicago fans.

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