Who Votes

I’ll refrain from beating the usual dead horse–why don’t more people vote?–just to observe that the turnout estimate for California is just over 50 percent of registered voters. To break it down with the round numbers I heard on the news, the state has 22 million-some eligible voters, 15.8 million of whom are registered. About 8.1 million of the registered group is expected to vote, because nothing is on the ballot except the usual–the state’s future. But I said I wouldn’t beat that horse, and I won’t, except to offer the quick off-the-cuff arithmetic that 8.1 million out of 22 million is something like 37 percent. I think the Iraqis, with deadly peril all around, did a lot better than that. But then, they have something to vote for.

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  1. Me too. Got in there ten minutes after they opened and waited only briefly. When asked what precinct I was in, I looked at my card and said, “The 25th…..the FIGHTIN’ 25th.” Sadly, Colbert Nation is not as big as I imagined. So I’ll seek my laughs elsewhere. Perhaps tonight in the imaginary land of Scadenfreude.

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