The Day So Far

Inquiring minds want to know (a phrase that originated with the National Enquirer, unauthoritatively speaking). And in their quest, sometimes they show up here. Just because I’ve been thinking about it lately, here are the keywords in searches that led people to Infospigot today. Based on these, I’m guessing that Pekin (Illinois) High School is having a good season in basketball.

What I also note is the implied question mark in so many of these searches; I often wish I could answer the queries. For instance, today’s best pseudo inquiry: “info about james k polk Did he win the Nobel Peace Prize.”


Maybe I’ll do the Q and A thing at a later date.

picturegate film

pekin chinks

map of hurricane wilmas movements longitude and latitude

tom hanks oscars angry

does this make my ass look big

info about james k polk Did he win the Nobel Peace Prize

look pedals failure

cubs mug 24

double-ought buck shot

video of lawrence taylor ending joe theisman s career

wrigley field clothespins

theisman broken leg picture

inside St. peter s Basilica

dollars to donuts origins

james mcgreevy hernia

jack bauer and tony almeida layouts

presidents week 2006

the president had chestnut hair and the first lady was radiant in a pink

leslie griffith news anchor

nick berg video kodak


whatever it is I m against it

tom hanks cursing at jon stewart

152 anniversary of battle of antietam music feature audio

comet sighting 2006

rhapsody phone number

tom hanks angry at 2006 oscars

southern indiana jeffersonville retreat louisville monastery abbey

joe Theisman broken leg

walter anderson and jail

carlos bernard interview 2006

Pekin Chinks Basketball

joe theisman s broken leg

Pekin Chinks in 1967 state playoffs

24 drinking game