San Francisco Tweed

We have just been introduced, sometime in the last two minutes, to San Francisco Tweed. What is that? From the site: “We at SF Tweed constitute a rare breed of cyclist — ladies and gents who refuse to endure anymore spandex! For us there is nothing better than a spin through our fair streets in the finest most dapper attire. …”

Well, everyone from Grant Petersen to us to the entire nation of Burma is down with refusing to endure Spandex any longer. We’ve taken to sporting an L.L. Bean black-watch-plaid flannel shirt as our riding habit with heavily discounted Royal Robbins canvas cargo shorts for our lower-down clothing. Aung San Suu Kyi has often said that if she were ever permitted to ride, she wouldn’t be caught dead in anything made of black, stretchy material assembled by sweatshop labor in her native land. Grant & Co. say of their own miracle ride-shirt cloth, “No longer only the fabric of the wealthy for ice cream socials on the estate, seersucker has proven to be the best fabric for hot weather cycling, too.” (“No longer only the utensils of the spoiled and effete, silver spoons have proven to be the finest dispensers of our favorite cycling food, blackstrap molasses, too.” We think the tweed and seersucker crowd might spend a little time making their prose as dapper as their cycling costumes, but we have always been stuffy that way.)

Did we have a point here. Oh, yes: S.F. Tweed sounds worth checking out, for all our linguo-quibbles. We may go out and observe from afar at the group’s next event.