Posted in Berkeley: Lost Belt & Buckle


Spotted during our Thanksgiving morning gambole with The Dog (what’s open in Berkeley this morning: Peet’s Coffee, where we bought a couple of pounds of beans; the CVS drug store (formerly Long’s, even more formerly Bill’s), Masa’s pastry emporium, Safeway, Andronico’s, a stray cafe or two).

The best “lost” posters give you a story. This is an elite example of the species:


Belt & Buckle

Brass Buckle with Worn Plating & Rusted Prong

I found the buckle on an abandoned farm in New Brunswick during a trans-continental bike trip in 1971. It was attached to a rotting harness meant for a plow horse. It has great sentimental as well as practical value. (It holds my pants up.) I think it fell out of my car parked near here last Thursday night (Nov. 4). Please contact Jaye Cook @ (707) 888-2978 or (707) 944-9704 or drop it in the mailbox by the door at 1303 M.L.K.