The ’77 Bulgemobiles Are Here!

1977 Lincoln Town Coupe

This showed up on the curb in front of our house yesterday afternoon: a ’70s vintage (1977 is the closest match I can make) Lincoln Town Coupe, outfitted with The Club to foil joyriders and a variety of bedding, personal-care items and plastic utensils that suggested that this is someone’s rolling domicile. I was more than half-expecting someone to show up to sleep in it last night. Around 10:30 or so, we came back from a movie and there were a couple of pairs of shoes placed neatly outside the driver’s-side door; across the street, someone was puttering around a van I hadn’t seen before, which also looked like a live-in vehicle. I guessed that the two vehicles were related and went to talk to the van person. He told me he owned the Lincoln and intended to leave it in front of our house for a couple days but wouldn’t be sleeping in it. I asked him about the shoes , and he said he’d left those by mistake and went to pick them up. He left a few minutes later. The Lincoln remains on the curb this morning.

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