‘Suppressed for a Moment’

With the Army in Iraq:

The Army News Service reports that Capt. John McFarlin, attached to the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Task Force Band of Brothers’ Military Transition Team, recently had a close call during a battle with insurgents: He owes his life to the Army Combat Helmet.

“While McFarlin’s unit recently responded to attacks on an Iraqi police station in Buhriz, he was hit in the helmet with a shot from an AK-47.

“I was suppressed for a moment and then I got back up” and returned fire, said McFarlin. “…Things are going to happen. You’ve got your equipment: you’ve got your IBAS, you’ve got your Kevlar and you’ve got your eye pro. (You need to) offer as little target as you need while doing your job.”

Suppressed? Is that the same as stunned?

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