Casper Eclipse, Before and During

As it turns out, I was an enthusiastic participant in the eclipse experience but sort of a lousy observer. My one idea for recording the event visually — to shoot a movie of the oncoming darkness and return of daylight — misfired because I apparently didn’t hit the record button when I thought I did. Oh, well.

But Kate was on the job. She caught the images below, looking west from our Casper golf course ridge. The first image was less than 10 before totality, I think. The second just after totality began.


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2 Responses to Casper Eclipse, Before and During

  1. George Paolini

    Thanks for the (as always) entertaining Eclipse Chase Travelog. Glad you got to witness it.

  2. Dan Brekke

    Hey, George: Thanks! It was everything we expected and much more.

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