Uprising, Meet Moon Rising


Nothing helps you relax after a long, hard week in the newsroom quite like another newsroom’s misfortune. The above is from a live shot KTVU-Channel 2 was doing in San Francisco’s U.N. Plaza tonight after a rally by supporters of the Egyptian uprising. The reporter, Amber Lee, was just wrapping up after a tape report when a passer-by dropped trow. In the moments following this shot, her camera operator tried to move to get this full moon out of the frame. He/she couldn’t quite do it.

As KTVU News likes to say, “Only on 2.”

Update: My friend Pete points out in the comments that KTVU still has the video of the report online. Watch for the last five seconds or so.: http://www.ktvu.com/video/26842640/index.html


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5 Responses to Uprising, Meet Moon Rising

  1. I’m laughing so hard… hilarious. I love SF. 😀

  2. Dan

    Yeah — this is for the highlight reel.

  3. jb

    Very funny stuff, good audience participation. That guy should run for congress.

  4. Brilliant! Amazingly, it’s still up on their website as of right now: http://www.ktvu.com/video/26842640/index.html

  5. Dan

    Pete: Thanks for the link. jb: I think that guy’s already in Congress.

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