Roadside Attraction


Spotted on Highway 25, an otherwise gorgeous slice of California, just south of the east entrance to Pinnacles National Monument. I think it may be the first time I’ve seen the anti-illegal-immigrant cause married to the sacrifices of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A couple of things come to mind looking at the signs. It’s tempting to look at how many of the war dead–in these and other wars–arrived in the United States without their engraved invites or are the children of parents who came without papers. I’m thinking their sacrifices are still worthy.

It’s also tempting to come up with a list of all the other things the troops may or may not have died for besides “open borders.” Maybe some other night.

illegalsign031410a.jpg illegalsign031410.jpg

2 Replies to “Roadside Attraction”

  1. Yeah, no amnesty! No amnesty for people like Jose Gutierrez! You know, the kid who was orphaned in his native Guatemala and at age 14 found his way through Mexico and to the United States without all the proper paperwork, got to stay because the liberal Democrat communist socialist laws let undocumented orphaned minors stay in the country, then kicked around in a series of group and foster homes, all the while somehow learning English and finishing high school at which point, at age 18, he was handed permanent residency papers — amnesty! — then joined the Marines and within a year was among the first U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq Round 2, dying in a firefight March 21, 2003, near Umm Qasr.

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