Friday Night Ferry, Sibling Birthday Edition


I took the day off, so tonight Kate and I rode the boat from Oakland to San Francisco together, stopped and ate at the Ferry Building (Taylor’s Automatic Refresher), then took the last run back to the East Bay. The sun was just setting as the boat left the dock at Jack London Square. Sky and water shone with a gorgeous light all the way across. (And hey: It was by brother John’s birthday today, and I didn’t call him. Happy birthday, JB. You would have loved the ride today, but I’m sure you had a good time in Brooklyn.)


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3 Responses to Friday Night Ferry, Sibling Birthday Edition

  1. Damn, I miss Taylor’s (original, St. Helena version)…

  2. Dan

    Never been to the original. Would love to take a field trip up there sometime.

  3. jb

    Thanks Dan…BTW Great photo

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