Cars, Birds


16th Street at Bryant, San Francisco. This sign (or signs) has been here for years, just behind The Double Play bar. I’ll dig up the story behind them — there’s at least one similar art piece on 6th Street, south of Market — at some later date.

[That later date is now: KQED friend and colleague Molly Samuel advises they’re by a San Francisco artist who goes by the handle Rigo 23 (if Wikipedia is to be believed, his full name is Ricardo Gouveia.) Thanks, Molly!]



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5 Responses to Cars, Birds

  1. Molly Samuel

    Hey Dan, they’re by a local artist named Rigo 23. –Molly

  2. Rob

    I love it. I don’t think it will work, though. Cars can’t read.

  3. Dan

    Cars are getting smarter all the time!

  4. You must be talking about the ‘Tree’ sign at 6th…?

  5. Dan

    Hey, Kevin: I was actually thinking of the “Inner City Home” mural, which looks like a giant Interstate highway sign. It must be five or six stories tall, and faces south (toward the freeway as it comes off–or goes up to–the Bay Bridge). That “One Tree” mural is also south of Market someplace — I saw a reference to it being near 10th and Bryant, and that sounds right. It’s right near one of the 101 on-ramps.

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