Heat Wave

It was freakishly warm here today, meaning the warmest day on record for the date around most of the Bay Area. Temperatures in the 70s were common. A few places got into the 80s. I remember years where I’ve waited well into April before we’ve had our first 70-degree day.

Now, it’s nearly midnight. Still 65 degrees. The warm northeasterly is still blowing across the hills and down across the flatlands. Not like any January night I remember in these parts.

7 Replies to “Heat Wave”

  1. No larger interpretation from the God-as-Weather Slide Rule? The Holy Redeemer always has a reason as I understand it.

  2. It’s the End of Days Sale! 50% off all merchandise. Got to admit, it sounds like fine shopping weather. It’s in the thirties here.

  3. This suggests the sacred words from The Gospel of Burt Weinman, Old Testament Car Trader: “Snowed in? Frozen in? We’ll tow in you trade-in FREE!”

  4. Fear not, I talked to a co-worker who works out of the Chicago area — he said it was -25 degrees. You and I can both be thankful others are enjoying that in our steads.

  5. I wonder how long it would take to get re-acclimated to that kind of weather. Or maybe that whole notion of getting used to conditions like that is an illusion and my increasingly middle aged bones would never tolerate the cold, anyway.

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