In Memoriam

The Oakland Tribune runs an “In Memoriam” column on its obit page — a place for people to post paid notices commemorating relatives who have died. You’ll see items appear near the birthday or death anniversary of someone who has passed away, or near the holidays. This morning, the following appeared below the pictures of a mother and two adult children who died during a six-year period:

My Angels the Holidays are here again. But with you three gone to a better place. There is no Holidays for me. I went to a couple of times with the kids. But I can’t take it without you. So I just stay home. I feel better at your home. This will always be your house. For you were not only my Wife, you were my best friend, my right hand pal. With you Rita and Larry gone, there is little or nothing left for me. The good Lord new that all three of you were suffering too much. So he opened his arms and took you to a better place. My Angels I miss you all so much.


Your Husband And Son

God Bless

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