We had the lightest brush yesterday with a big storm that really belted Northern California and Oregon: just some light showers late in the morning and early in the afternoon. Still, rain in the Bay Area in mid-October, especially after a dry winter last season, is welcome; and the first half of October has been pretty wet, by our standards — we’ve had two and a half or three inches of rain already.

Anyway, the picture: We took the dog out before the sun was down, and the after-storm clouds were dramatic as always: piles of low cumulus or stratocumulus beating to the northeast with a higher level of cirrus drifting south.

Today’s main project: I’m off to Chicago. My dad’s getting out of his rehab hospital after breaking his hip about a month ago, and I’m going to stay with him for a week to see if I can help out. More from there.

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  1. Good luck in Chicago. I’ll be there next week though not for the nice filial reason you’re going. Never been there so I’ll do some sightseeing and Chicago eating. (I’m open to suggestions for both.) Get to hear the CSO, too. Good luck with your father.

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