Stardust Revisited


A regular stop on our trips up and down I-5 between Berkeley and Eugene: Redding. Get off on Highway 44 east, and you’re headed for the In-n-Out Burger. Take 44 west and you go into downtown Redding — a collection of motels, gas stations, car lots and bars (and a Starbuck’s, which is our motivation for side-tripping). Right across from the world’s favorite coffee store is the Stardust Motel (noted after a trip in March). The Stardust building is out of the frame to the left; you’ll have to take my word that the sign is the establishment’s most appealing visible feature (you have to make allowances for the possibility that management hides gold bars under the mattresses). What you see of The Shack restaurant and the Americana Lodge are similarly appealing, Get into town at sunset on a warm evening, though, with a waxing moon overhead and the signs lighting up, and you’ve got a street scene.

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Big-Ass Oregon Tree


On Thom’s block, south of the campus in Eugene, a huge sidewalk maple (at least I think it’s a maple). Somehow it hadn’t made an impression the several times we’ve been up there. The crown of the tree is big, but you can tell it’s been cut back over the years so it doesn’t overwhelm nearby houses. The trunk, though, is massive, as demonstrated here by various two- and four-legged organisms.


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