‘Made It Ma! Top of the World!’

Deplorable movie moms: A brief tribute on this most maternal of days.

Ma Jarrett (“White Heat“)

Margaret White (Carrie’s mom in “Carrie“)

Elizabeth Stroud (“Birdman of Alcatraz“)

Kate “Ma” Barker (“Bloody Mama“)

Lady Macbeth (“Macbeth,” especially the Roman Polanski version)

“Ma” Alien (“Aliens,” especially)

Zinnia Wormwood (“Matilda“)

Petal Bear (“The Shipping News“)

Ma Vicious (“Sid and Nancy“)

6 Replies to “‘Made It Ma! Top of the World!’”

  1. Does premium cable count? Livia Soprano, who survived a bullet through her beehive, is certainly a Ratbag of Distinction. Sadly, her views on coathangers remain unconfirmed.

  2. Oh, yeah, Ann — that’s a great one. And I thought of another, too, from the Mary Alice Hogan treasure trove: The Gene Tierney character (Ellen Harland) in “Leave Her to Heaven,” who not only watches impassively as her husband’s brother drowns, but stages an accident so that she has a miscarriage.
    Lydell, you can have Livia Soprano if I can have Livia, the wife of Caesar Augustus, as portrayed in “I, Claudius” — a cold and reliable killing machine.

  3. This will begin to consume me. Leopoldine Konstanin played Claude Raines mother in “Notorious” The cigarette smoking Nazi conspired with her son to slowly poison his double agent wife, played by Ingrid Bergman.

  4. Now I have to watch “Notorious.”
    How about Mrs. Bates, Norman’s mom in “Psycho”? That brings in several levels of weirdness.

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