Your Civics IQ

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute cooked up a 60-question quiz it says proves U.S. college students are a bunch of dolts and ignoramuses when it comes to knowing basic American history and civics. You can’t take the full quiz, apparently, but there’s a five-question sample version online. Go take it. Then report back: How did you do? (Grading scale is as follows:

5 of 5 correct: You’re Ben Franklin, coolest, smartest American ever and inventor of the $100 bill.

4 of 5: You’re James Madison, main man of the Constitution who let the Brits burn the White House.

3 of 5: You’re Al Gore: Way smart, inventor of Internet and “Love Story” model, but haunted by failure.

2 of 5: You’re Warren G. Harding, and your biggest accomplishment is dying in office.

1 of 5: You’re George W. Bush, and you have never liked quizzes.

0 of 5: You’re just you, and we love you for it.


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10 Responses to Your Civics IQ

  1. Well, I’m worse than James Madison. I’m a James Madison dolt, having missed the one real constitution question. Damn. I always thought that was a joke.
    P.S. Love the grading scale. That was your doing, I take it.

  2. Of course, it was really a Declaration of Independence question. Duh.

  3. I’m a Ben Franklin braniac but I had to guess on number 5 because “The average cost of a luxury car ad during primetime reality TV shows” was not a possible answer.
    And Marie, Constitution, Declaration of Independence… It’s like “rights”? We’re guarateed rights? Is that a trick question?

  4. jb

    jb scores 100%!
    take that dubya dubya dubya dot dolt dot com
    But truth is, those questions are really easy.

  5. Der Alte

    OK, just call me Franky. But,with an average score of 88.3% on the test, all I can say is: So What!
    Der Alte

  6. 5 for 5. Simple, easy questions. Of course I live and breathe this stuff.

  7. pam

    100%! But two of my answers were more like guesses …

  8. jb

    Okay, these are very easy questions. But just walk into a shopping mall in “Anytown, USA” and lay some of these questions on the random sampling.

  9. Eamon

    Easy is all relative and based on what we are taught. The only one I got wrong was the NATO one and I argue this is because the origins of NATO are not talked about to those who didn’t reach high school before “The End of Communism.”

  10. ann

    I’m Ben Franklin which is really pleasing because the French thought he was HOT!

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