4 Replies to “News Orthography”

  1. You’re taking this out of context. He was just about to choose a consonant. But I AM concerned with his shameless abuse of Mustache Helper.

  2. Gee…That is a good one. Well we get the point. Isn’t that good enough? Isn’t IT? I like the Mustache Helper line. Wish I’d thought of it. Can I use it? The line–that is.

  3. It still doesn’t top my favorite flub, letting this doozy slide by:
    Inuit Named in [Tech] Scandal
    As one of our reports said, “They are one of the kindest, gentlest peoples on earth and yet among them lurks a few conniving cads.” Or something like that. The hed was supposed to read “Intuit Named in [I don’t recall exactly which] Scandal.”

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