Hurricane Compulsion: Wilma

The National Hurricane Center has the story: the 21st named storm of the 2005 hurricane season is at large in the western Caribbean. That both ties the record for storms observed in a season (set in 1933) and exhausts the list of storm names. The next storm this year, if there is one, will be called Alpha.

As we wait to see whether Wilma develops into a major hurricane, as some models predict, let’s revisit famous Wilmas in history. Without objection, so ordered.

Wilma Rudolph: Track champion

Wilma Mankiller: Cherokee chief

Wilma Flintstone: Cartoon wife homemaker

Wilma, Arkansas: One-horse town

Wilma Township, Minnesota: One-horse township

Wilmer Cook: Hapless wild-eyed gunman in “The Maltese Falcon”

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