Phone Message

Sent today at 7:58 a.m. by an Oakland public school teacher to her husband:

“Hey, Dan, this is Kate … I came into work this morning and on all of the portable [classroom] doors including mine someone has smeared dog shit all over the doors and the handles and everything and the custodian’s outside cleaning it up. This is awful.”

That’s how Kate’s school week began. She talked to her kids about it during their daily morning meeting. The solution one of the second-graders came up with to deal with the mindless idiots vandalizing the school: Install cameras.

We’ll see.

One Reply to “Phone Message”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about that. I suppose you could speculate that it was kids who did this. But with all the work which the teachers put in to getting the school running for the the year and with the school year being so new, it really makes me angry to hear about something like this. It is also demoralizing to think that one has to be committed to work in an environment where so many people just don’t give a damn about much of anything.

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